Wolves in Wolves

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    Keep your eyes open… there’s wolves in Wolves.

    LearnPlay Foundation is proud to be sponsoring the Wolves in Wolves event.

    During the summer of 2017, Wolverhampton will be host to its largest ever art installation as 30 wolf sculptures will be appearing around the city and West Park.

    Throughout the course of the installation, LearnPlay will be interviewing the artists behind the Wolves, documenting the entire installation and seeing peoples reactions to the art.

    As the event unfolds, LearnPlay Foundation will be capturing a series of videos, a couple of web browsers games and a digital souvenir booklet that will capture the spirit of the project.

    The Wolves in Wolves event will allow artists of all kinds to make their mark on the city and celebrate what Wolverhampton represents.

    LearnPlay Foundation is looking forward to seeing the installation unfold and becoming part of Wolverhamptons thriving community.

    Watch this space for more exciting news and updates.


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