Surviving the Wolves Den

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    Everything in life comes down to the time and effort you put into it.
    Some say there is no such thing as luck; real results are through blood, sweat and tears.

    On a sunny Wolverhampton afternoon, at the end of a glorious September, LearnPlay Foundation put this to the test as we entered the Molineux Stadium and pitched to win £10,000’s worth of KPMG consultancy, as part of the Wolverhampton Business Week’s ‘Wolves Den’

    We were greeted and questioned by 5 ‘Wolves’ hailing from the world renowned KPMG, Wolverhampton City Council, the Express & Star and a leading local business.

    The nerves…
    …The excitement!

    This pitch was very important to the business as we have arrived at a key juncture; our interactive digital media business has grown significantly over the last 24 months, as has our Apprenticeship & learning delivery business. The latter seeing us achieving a 100% success record against the Governments benchmark of 53%. In addition, our very recent move to a big city has opened up a range of opportunities that we need to address.

    A nice quandary, granted and who better to provide a steer than a world leading professional services firm?

    Pitch delivered, questions asked and then the hardest part…the waiting. We were aware that the competition was high, after all, an opportunity like this does not manifest every day.

    The longest week (ever) passed and we finally received the outcome, delivered in the manner of all good, award bearers…’the competition was stiff and the quality exceptionally high…but…’

    …the news was good. Success! We are very excited to welcome KPMG over the coming weeks.
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