Primary Schools

We know that this stage of education is fundamental in a young person’s life and that grasping key concepts is vital for their continued learning. With increasing pressures on schools from external sources to ensure every child achieves and fulfils their potential with increasingly limited resources and funding, LearnPlay Foundation can help you make a difference.

As with all our programmes, we work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives and tailor all programmes to suit your specific requirements. We can also work with you to originate a brand new programme. All our programmes use games based technologies or video art creation. At the end of every LearnPlay programme, children receive certificates detailing their achievements and highlighting skills acquired.If the programme includes accredited learning, they also receive the awarding body certificate.

Maths Booster

LearnPlay Foundation’s Maths Booster programme achieves real and tangible results. In an hourly intervention over 5 weeks, we took a class of Year 6 children from 69% on track to 89% on track for their SAT’s.

This programme is developed around your maths curriculum and caters for children undertaking key stages 1-3. We use video games technology to enhance the learning engagement and embed your weekly/termly maths programme into game. This approach reinforces knowledge that has been acquired in the classroom in an innovative, fun and engaging manner. During the course of the programme, we keep track of each child’s progression and as importantly, helps you identify concepts that the children are not yet grasping and may need more classroom assistance with. We highly recommend that each session has a rewards aspect built in allowing the children to undertake positive play in a softly structured manner that assists with soft and personal skills development.

We deliver this programme on school site and we can cater for up to 20 children in each group. It is possible to increase the group size if required.

English Booster

This programme aims to enhance and reinforce appropriate parts of the English Literature curriculum in an engaging and exciting way. We can work with whole year groups to bring texts such as Shakespeare to life or particular school projects such as Space or Animals that allow for both factual learning and the application of creativity.

The impact of this programme can be seen in the knowledge acquired by the participant around a particular topic or text as they are highly motivated to get ‘under the skin’ of the topic/text in order to develop their own creative representation in game.

As well as topic/text understanding and reinforcement, the very approach and delivery of this programme elicits and develops a number of soft & technical skills sets:

Enterprise Programme – Mini Den Days

Many schools are keen to start developing and teaching enterprise skills to their pupils at an early stage. Key skills and concepts gained from these sessions can migrate and transfer to many areas of learning as a whole and as importantly to the way children approach learning and other life tasks.

We deliver Mini Den Days or an exciting Den Day Programme. These sessions are high octane, challenging and very exciting as the children are required to form their own companies, undertake mini masterclasses so that they understand their chosen role within the company, work to a creative brief to produce their ‘product’ within their company team, manage their start up finance and finally, pitch their product and its attributes to a hungry panel of dragon judges that may include your staff and/or key members from your local community.

The participants will gain a myriad of skills and learning which includes technical skills as well as personal skills.

Rewards Sessions

Sometimes schools just want to say thank you to their pupils for all their hard work, their SAT’s results or their attendance. Or. Alternatively, schools wish to incentivise their pupils towards higher attendance/results.

LearnPlay can provide full, half or hourly rewards sessions that focus on positive play, teamworking and soft skills development. This can be delivered to entire year groups or for the whole school in dedicated slots.

Family Learning Programme

Many schools find it difficult to get parents/guardians more involved with their children’s learning and wider school career. LearnPlay has successfully delivered many Family Learning programmes that result in over-subscription due to the mutually beneficial and enjoyable activities that parents/guardians and children undertake.

The key focus of these sessions is to create shared interests that assist with positive communications between family members and help underpin strong family dynamics. The sessions utilise a number of games and consoles, roles are reversed between parent/guardian and child, parents are teamed up with each other (this helps promote and engender community cohesion) and parents/guardians and their own wards/children work together to accomplish tasks, navigate tournaments and compete against other participants to create and cement positive shared experiences. Both parent/guardian and child receive certificates at the end of the programme to reinforce their positive and mutual participation and this is also key for those parents that do not reside with their children as it provides a talking point thereafter.

We deliver specific programmes for children with special educational needs. Please contact us to discuss further.
For more information on our Primary School programmes, please so call us on 01902 455009

Secondary Schools

LearnPlay Foundation delivers a number of programmes in secondary school to assist with wide ranging needs, issues and circumstances. Many young people are disengaged at school and our programmes look to re-engage these disengaged youngsters back into learning and mainstream education.

We have programmes which assist young people who have struggled with their school career and who may not be on track for their standard GCSE’s. These programmes offer an array of ASDAN awards which have GCSE/A-Level and UCAS points equivalency. We are a registered ASDAN centre and can deliver these awards in your school which ensures that young people leave school with recognised awards that have currency with further educational establishments as well as employers.

We also deliver ASDAN awards to recognise and encourage soft skills development, creative activities & accomplishments and enterprise pursuits which can complement young people’s school accomplishments and highlight their involvement in wider learning which boosts their applications for university and/or CV’s for industry & employment.

Many schools approach us for our programmes that target gifted & talented children as well as those that are doing reasonably well in their studies and may need a little ‘push’ to aim higher. We have a number of programmes that both engage and stretch this profile of young people and provides them with challenges which are engaging, fun and which motivate and accelerate soft & personal skills augmentation as well as technical skills. These programmes can also be accredited through ASDAN.

All our programmes utilise games based technologies, games creation & development and video development in a unique and innovative way.

Please view our Holiday section for positive play, teamworking & soft skills development programmes delivered during holiday periods and after school.

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