655 completed apprenticeships
    84.1% into employment
    3.5% to Further Education
    12.4% to Higher Education

    Short Course Delivery 2019/20
    Functional Skills (Maths, English & IT delivered & achieved: 1,308
    Games Development & Digital Skills Courses delivered & achieved: 67
    Pre-employment courses delivered & achieved: 76

    National Apprenticeship Benchmark Comparison
    EFSA Overall Completion Benchmark: 53% vs LPF Completion: 87%
    LPF Timely Completion Rate: 100%

    Community & School Deliveries
    200 pro bono community hours
    89% from 69% on track for SAT’s attainment after a 5 sessions of maths games based learning on PlayStation consoles
    6,000+ NEET’s engaged
    1,200+ young people engaged in Holiday sessions

    2019/20 saw an increase of 13.7% of learners completing apprenticeships with LPF compared to 2018/19.
    Compared to the first 2 months of the 2019/20 ESFA year, LPF recruitment for August – September 2020 is 277% higher.

    Our results

    Anti-Social Behaviour
    Prevented through engaging interventions

    Curriculum Enrichment
    Pass rates & attendance increased

    Aim Higher
    Students successfully signing up for 6th form

    Childrens Centers (Under 5’s)
    Speech & language developed to developmental age

    Family Learning
    Shared interests created & family bonds & communication strengthened

    Social Cohesion
    Interfaith & multi-cultural tolerance & cohesion

    Films and Media
    Developed on important issues such as mental health, domestic abuse and CSE

    Closing the age gap and developing shared interested through understanding

    Digital Inclusion For Over 50’s

    IT Training
    Bringing people closer to  the workplace

    Breaking Barriers
    Raising peoples Math’s, English and IT Skills

    Guns & Gangs
    Programmes to keep young people away from gang affiliation

    WII & Tea: Mental & physical stimulation successful outcomes with Alzheimer’s groups