Just Because…

    A member of staff was going shoe shopping and we wondered if it’s true that your feet are the same size as your forearm.

    The Science

    During the space of a silly ten minutes in the office, LearnPlay Foundation can confirm that this is true.
    But it doesn’t stop there.
    It is also recorded that on average, your height is the same length as your outstretched arms from finger to finger.
    The nose is the length of the first two notches of the index finger (from tip) when measured from the very beginning of the nose bridge to the tip.
    Your intestines are an estimated 30 foot tube that runs from your mouth to your anus.
    All of this was captured by Leonardo Da Vinci in his drawing of the Vitruvian Man, who is thought to represent the divine proportion of the human body.

    The Future

    The future of human anatomy ultimately comes down to evolution. It is up to nature to decide what shall remain the same, and which of the bodies mysteries will be phased as we adapt to the world around us.

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