Just Because…

    We were eating ice-lollies during the heatwave and we wondered where the jokes had gone from the lolly stick.

    The Science

    Back before 1988, icelolly sticks often had a joke on them which was revealed as you ate away at the ice cold treat.
    But after 1988 this changed.
    Advertisers around the world decided to drop the jokes as they felt their buyers were developing more sophisticated tastes.
    Despite this, there has been a resurgence of jokes on icelolly sticks as a result Cadburys holding a competition in 2012. The competition decided the first joke to appear on an ice cream stick in 25 years.
    The winner was Charlie Thomas of Whitley Bay who came up with the following joke.
    “Who is the king of the hankies?

    The Hanki-chief”

    The Future

    Only time will tell whether the return of the icelolly joke is a passing phase or if it’s here to stay. One thing we can say with a smile, is that on a hot summers day, when we’re all throwing back water and chatting with our friends, one of them will make us laugh with that poor joke off an ice-lolly stick.

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