Just Because…

    The office was just shooting the breeze and wondered how they get the paper into the fortune cookie.

    The History

    The traditional way of getting the fortune inside of a fortune cookie is done in five easy steps;
    1. First of all the chef makes the batter, then rolls it out;
    2. Then the batter is cut into even sized circles;
    3. The batter is then lightly toasted but left supple for the fortune;
    4. The fortune is then placed in the centre of the circle before being folded in
    half; and
    5. Then it is left to cool down to finish making the fortune cookie.
    The practice of putting surprises into food is a traditional in many cultures, from Fortune Cookies in China to putting coins in Christmas cakes in England. As recipes develop, more and more exciting taste sensations are emerging all around the world. This leaves the window open for more traditions that could soon become part of our culture.

    The Future

    Can fortune cookies really predict the future?
    The answer remains uncertain, but one thing is certain is that although the cookie has become a worldwide treat, the method of inserting the fortune has never changed.

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