Just Because

    We were thinking of childhood jokes and realised no one actually knew why the chicken crossed the road.

    The Fun Part

    ‘Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side’ is an example of anti-humour.

    Anti-humour is a form of indirect joke telling in which the listeners expectations are purposely let down by the ‘jokes’ anti-climax.

    Other examples of anti-humour are;

    What did one Japanese man say to another?
    I don’t know. I don’t speak Japanese.

    What’s the difference between an elephant and a grape?
    One of them is purple.

    Anti-humour isn’t designed to be funny yet comedians such as Jimmy Carr are well known for their unique style of callous funnies which continue to sell out the Apollo theatre.

    The Future

    Is there a funny reason the chicken crossed the road?

    Or like all anti-humour, was the reason it crossed the road un-egg-spected?

    The question is continuously up for debate and will no doubt continue to circulate around school playgrounds for years to come.


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