Just Because

    With news that humankind may soon be forming colonies on the moon, we wondered when people began to notice the original man on the moon.

    The Science Part

    According to the Romans, the idea of a man on the moon has existed since before Christ.

    For centuries, civilisations have often interpreted the craters on the moons surface as being the features of a man watching over Earth. In some cultures the man on the moon is a convict who was sentenced to life in space as punishment for stealing. As religions evolved, so did the symbolism of the man on the moon, with one of the more recent incarnations of the man on the moon being a man who chose to work on the Sabbath and was punished by god. This image was created by the Germans, thousands of years ago.

    The man on the moon has given rise to many pieces of poetry over the centuries, with everyone from William Shakespeare to Charles Bukowski making references to the eternal guardian in their works.

    The Future

    In recent news, it has been announced that some of the largest organisations in the world will be funding large explorations of the moon and surrounding planets. We’ve put a man on the moon, found a face on the moon and soon there could be colonies on the moon. The scientists discoveries could soon turn science fiction into science fact, an exciting (or petrifying) thought for all.

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