Just Because…

    LearnPlay Foundation couldn’t miss the opportunity to weigh in on the debate of the year; does pineapple really belong on pizza?

    To answer this we have to go back to Canada, 1962.

    The History

    Hawaiian pizza as it is more commonly known was invented in 1962 by Sam Panopoulous.

    He invented at the Satellite Restaurant in Ontario, Canada, where it quickly became a staple item on the eateries menu. From this small restaurant launched one of the most divisive topics in food history, putting the debate on par with whether tomato is a fruit or a vegetable.

    Nations all around the world have their own reaction to Sam Panopoulous concoction. In Australia, 1999, Hawaiian pizza was the most popular whilst in America it was listed in the top 3 worst pizza toppings.

    The Present

    Most recently the debate entered the political realms with the president of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, saying he would outlaw pineapple on pizza if he remained in power.

    Of course he was only joking, but still it shows the scale this seemingly innocuous creation has grown to.