Just Because…

    LearnPlay Foundation is a company of cat owners and we wondered why our faithful felines meow.

    The Science Bit

    The main reason cats meow is because it is a way of letting their mums know that they are scared, cold or hungry when they are first born. As they get older this later becomes a way of communicating with humans. Contrary to popular opinion, cats do get lonely and they will meow to get the attention of their owners so they can have fuss. This helps build trust between the cat and its owner and allow the cat to feel safer about coming to them if it’s in pain or distress.

    Eventually as cats age, they will begin to meow more as they lose control of their mental faculties.

    The Future

    As the animals evolve so do their reasons for trying to communicate with us. Cats may act like they rule the world, but a lot of their needs are the same as ours. All they want is to be loved, looked after and fed, and ultimately that is all that can be asked of any loving pet owner.

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