Just Because…

    Our designers told us about an argument that is heating up between two artists on social media.

    Imagine your last argument.

    Was it over money?

    A relationship?


    I bet none of you argued over the blackest black or the pinkest pink, yet right now in the world of art two artists are indeed engaged in a social media offensive over the rights to these two colours.

    The Story

    One side we have Anish Kapoor who has copyrighted the blackest black called Vantablack, and on the other side we have Stuart Semple who believes that everyone should have access to all colours.

    This argument has descended into a petty tit-for-tat in which the two renowned artists have taken to hurling abuse at each other via social media.

    The blackest black is the darkest known colour in the spectrum and Anish Kapoor has copyrighted it so that he owns the intellectual property to the pigment. In response to this Stuart Semple has developed the pinkest pink then prohibited Amish Kapoor from using it.

    Amish Kapoor has succeeded in getting hold of Stuart’s pinkest pink, leading to what has now declared the world’s glitteriest glitter.

    The Present

    The current stance of this skirmish is that Stuart Semple has created a cherry-scented version of Amish Kapoor’s Vantablack which he hopes will become as popular as Kapoor’s creation.

    With no end in sight we look forward to seeing what other amazing colours come out of this social media skirmish.