Just Because…

    LearnPlay Foundations copywriter got into a debate with the Design department as to what extent letters are art.

    The History

    The standard British alphabet is 26 little icons that we’ve all attached meaning too and which we mentally translate into words and sentences.

    There have been thousands of examples of storytelling through art throughout history. One of most iconic of these dates back to 3200BC in the form of Egyptian hieroglyphics.

    The hieroglyphics tell tales of monolithic gods and slavery under the whips of the pharaohs. Although these images predate the days of Christ they are by no means the earliest examples of the written word.

    The earliest known examples of storytelling throughout sequential art originates during the days of cavemen in which caves in Dordogne region of France show pictures of large animals once native to the region.

    The Result

    Over thousands of years cultures have come and gone, but the one thing they all have in common is that they have developed their own way of communicating through art.

    Whilst alphabets around the world all differ, each bringing their own rules and shapes, we can all share the common truth that without it our histories would have become lost to the ages.


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