Just Because…

    Some of our employees prefer Halloween to Christmas, and we wondered where it all began.

    The History

    Halloween started with the Celts in Ireland, AD 270.

    The Celtic festival was originally called Samhain and is traditionally celebrated on October 31st, the last day before the Celtic New Year. It is thought that on October 31st the void between the living and the dead was at its weakest, making it easier for druids and priests to predict the future.

    Halloween didn’t come to America until 1846 when Irish migrants fleeing the Irish Potato Famine began to settle in and around Boston.

    Since then Halloween has moved away from its Celtic roots, and is now a name synonymous with horror and the macabre. This was never more prevalent than when in 1978 John Carpenter unleashed Michael Myers on the world in the hit horror franchise, Halloween.

    The Future

    Like Easter and Christmas before it, Halloween has now become a billion dollar industry, with America spending on average $8 billion a year on it.

    As Hollywood continues to remake and re-scare audiences, Halloween will always have a place for those who aren’t scared of the monsters under their bed.

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