The Just Because…

    LearnPlay staff have lost an hour of sleep and we wondered why.

    With the clocks going forward the arrival Spring is upon us but what actually changes as the hands move forward one hour?

    The Research

    The idea to set the clocks forward originates from American inventor and politician, Benjamin Franklin in 1784 to save on candles as candles at the time where increasingly expensive due to the manufacturing process.

    The trend of changing the clocks forward and backwards wasn’t introduced in England until 1907 when William Willett, a builder, published a leaflet called The Waste of Daylight.

    The main reason for the clocks changing is economics.

    For Benjamin Franklin it was to save the cost of candles, for William Willett it was so he could play golf longer and get more value for money on the course, and for employers it allowed an extra hour of work time.

    The Future

    There are now campaigns in the UK to set the clocks forward another hour.

    According the Researchers at the University of Cambridge estimate they believe that roughly £485 million could be saved through having an extra hour of daylight.

    It will also help boost the tourist trade as attractions would be open longer, prevent highway deaths as there would be sunlight hours for traffic and allow children to come home from school safer.

    Whether this will happen, only time will tell, but for now, enjoy the extra hour of sunlight!