Just Because
    We were talking about favourite family films and we wondered if The Borrowers were real.

    The Science Part
    Although folk tales of miniscule humans have existed for thousands of years, evidence of any actual Borrowers is non existent.
    Whilst fiction is filled with references to miniscule human beings, the first mentions of Borrowers were in 1952, in Mary Nortons classic tale, The Borrowers. Since its publication, The Borrowers has been adapted numerous times, with the most popular version starring Jim Broadbent and John Goodman.
    The Borrowers has been a firm family favourite since its release and has been described as “it’s like Toy Story has come to life”

    The Future
    Whilst The Borrowers may not be real, the lessons of family and perseverance encompassed in this tale have echoed through the decades since its publication, making it relevant for years to come.

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