Just Because…

    Most of our office have been fans of this epic, fantasy saga and are now wondering what to watch now that the series has reached its final conclusion.

    The Fun Bit…

    In a scene reminiscent of the end of The Truman Show, people are now looking at their televisions and wondering out loud, “What do I watch now that Game of Thrones has finished?”

    Well don’t worry, LearnPlay Foundation has found the top three shows you don’t want to miss this year.

    1. Good Omens

    An accident prone angel and a carefree demon have to work together to stop Armageddon in this comedy fantasy tale based on Terry Pratchets & Neil Gaimans bestselling novel.

    Why Should I Watch This?
    With David Tennant as fallen demon, Crowley and Martin Sheen in the role of the angel, Aziraphale, the series promises to be a comedy of errors. With the powers of good and evil at their disposal, these two unlikely allies will discover that sometimes our biggest threats can come from the most unexpected of places.

    2. Line of Duty

    A gritty British crime drama which follows the macabre twists and turns of a police anti-corruption unit. The show has returned this year for its 5th season.

    Why Should I Watch This?
    Who will guard the guards? Centuries after Caesar coined this famous phrase, Line of Duty aims to keep you on the edge of your seat as it follows the daring betrayals of those appointed to protect us.

    3. Rick and Morty

    Follow the exploits of mad professor (or genius!) Rick Sanchez and his reluctant boy sidekick in this crazy sci-fi cartoon! Season 4 of this hit show will be hitting screens later this year.

    Why Should I Watch This?
    With every episode being a journey into the unexpected, Rick and Morty is a mad cap series where anything can happen. From Ricks transformation into a pickle to get out of family therapy (Pickle Rick!) to one creatures quest for basic fulfilment, Rick and Morty takes the hard hitting questions of today and makes them palatable to a wider audience.

    What Would You Recommend?

    That’s our top three! What television show would you recommend?
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