Just Because…

    We have two staircases leading to our offices and we wondered when a step becomes a stair.

    The Science

    The difference between a step and a stair is that steps are more commonly found outside.

    Also, a staircase is often defined as the bridge between two vertical points, with the steps being the individual parts that make it up.

    As of yet there hasn’t been a definitive answer to what constitutes the difference between these two common day household fixtures. For the most part, it comes down to semantic conjecture, with only subtle differences such as the type of material between floors that may define what is a step and what is a stair.

    The Future

    Whilst this is an argument being fought in online forums, it is unlikely we will see an answer to this conundrum any time soon.

    For now it will have to remain unresolved until it once again hits the public imagination.