New Year, New Opportunities

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    Excitement is in the air as the start of the new year signals not only the beginning of new opportunities, but also landmarks a decade since LearnPlay Foundation was founded.

    As we welcome new faces and say goodbye to veteran employees LearnPlay looks to remind us all of the ways 2017 can be a monumental year not only for the company, but also for each and every employee.

    Walking around the office, excitement is in the air as people discuss the new years resolutions they have set themselves and how they’re going to achieve them. Some people wish to learn a foreign language; others plan to join the gym and self-improvement rings in the air like a hymn.

    LearnPlay too has its own New Years resolution; to make a positive impact on the lives of people living in the region.

    Already, we are nurturing professional business development teams who will go out and provide marketing services to local businesses and we are continuing to carry out our impactful outreach work. The work we provide will enhance the exposure of client businesses and strengthen pre-existing relations with those around us.

    2017 is the year of change, not just locally but globally, and LearnPlay Foundation hopes to support its employees and those around them as the world moves in this new direction.

    Through the continued commitment of our outstanding staff LearnPlay will further continue to be a local pioneer in higher education and Interactive Digital Media.

    From all of us here at LearnPlay Foundation we wish you a happy New Year and look forward to hearing off you in the future.



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