New LPF Offers During Lockdown

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    New LPF Offers During Lockdown


    It is almost impossible to look at the major headlines in much of today’s news and not feel a sense of despair and exasperation.

    At times like these, it helps to recall that throughout history there have always been extreme situations.  

    And yet we are still here. 

    Due to the resilience of mankind and the inherent drive to band together and help one another we have managed to overcome adversity. 

    Essential workers such as: NHS staff, bus drivers, teachers, delivery drivers, local grocers and butchers. 

    They have all been there to help all us. 

    And for that we are grateful. 


    We know that not everyone has access to the information and help that is available.

    In addition, the people doing their best to help cannot always get themselves out there in a world ruled by internet and social media. 

    We are a Media Company.


    We can help If you want to:

    • Transform your business into an e-business
    • Advertise your business online
    • Allow people to access your information
    • Make it easier to be contacted


    We are slashing our prices and we are offering businesses discounted rates during these difficult times, to everyone who may need to have a professional website build, or any services/support to get you online. 


    Get in touch and let us help you!


    We are offering a free basic website build for the first business to contact us!


    Let’s help rebuild our communities together!