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    LearnPlay Foundation is proud to announce that we are now Matrix accredited!

    This follows on from our published article on the 21st March, What The Heck is Matrix? (Click HERE)

    Under the intense scrutiny of our Matrix assessor, every part of our IAG process, from our progression percentages to our information points were analysed to make sure that we are providing a robust and inclusive service to all of our members of staff.

    Our IAG service covers all the fundamental questions an employee may have during their time with us, including how to progress within the business and life after LearnPlay. This allows us to make sure that our staff are supported every step of the way.

    “It is great knowing that LearnPlay Foundation is now officially accredited for a service we have been providing for many years.”

    Georgia Smith, Recruitment IAG officer.

    For more information about LearnPlays IAG service, click the link below:


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