Why LearnPlay Foundation?

    As an accredited & recognised Training Provider we deliver a range of apprenticeship standards to both Levy-paying & non-Levy paying employers. We have worked with employers to both upskill existing staff & hire new apprentices, providing support at every stage of their journey.

    You can find out more about Levy payers & non-Levy payers in the Funding section

    As a creative and digital media business, we understand the need for quality training opportunities for staff & the headache that can often come with it. LearnPlay has proven, over years of working with other employers, that this doesn’t need to be the case; training can be easy to access as well as rewarding for both the individual & the employer.

    LearnPlay are one of only a small handful of training providers in the West Midlands that deliver apprenticeship standards up to Level 4 and what sets us apart is our understanding of training alongside working. We know that one size doesn’t fit all & we work with the employer to ensure that the individual is learning skills relevant to their role & sector.

    We have successfully completed over 630 apprenticeships. Our completion rate sits proudly at 93% against the ESFA benchmark of 53%, with our timely completions at 100%.

    Learn more about how LearnPlay Foundation can help you to upskill your staff or expand your team TODAY!