LearnPlay pledges support to young people in care

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    ‘Making a difference to people’s lives has always been our motto so it is only right that we have made a significant step towards supporting young people who are leaving care by signing the Care Leaver Covenant. This is an essential commitment to help improve the prospects of care leavers by providing opportunities to build a successful life after care.

    The Care Leaver Covenant is a pledge made by businesses and organisations across the UK to support young people leaving care. The Covenant recognises that care leavers face challenges in transitioning to independence and aims to provide practical support in areas such as employment, education, and housing.

    By signing the Care Leaver Covenant, we are committing to providing support and opportunities to care leavers in the areas of education, employment, and training. We are also committed to promoting awareness of the challenges faced by care leavers and advocating for their needs and rights.