LearnPlay Foundation Annual Employee Survey Results Are Out!

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    80% of LearnPlay Foundation staff are extremely happy.
    20% are very happy, so all in all we have 100% of our staff happy are to work for us.
    100% have said that LearnPlay Foundation are a good employer.
    80% are happy with the support that LearnPlay Foundation supply outside of work.

    We also surveyed our employees about their satisfaction of our new offices, 100% of employees love the new premises.

    “I prefer the new building to the old building as I truly feel like I am at the centre of something exciting. Everything from the history to the architecture feels almost as if it was made to fit LearnPlay’s echo’s of hard work and commitment. I look forward to the exciting future before us and the journey we’re about to embark on.”

    As you may have noticed LearnPlay Foundation are undergoing a staged re-brand. We asked our staff and clients what they thought about the re-brand 100% love it!



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