It’s a Knock Out!

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    On Wednesday the 28th September LearnPlay Foundation sent its most fearless gladiators on a mission to bring honour to our organisation. The name of this battalion; Teamy McTeam Face.

    As part of Wolverhampton Business Week, organisations from across Wolverhampton were invited to compete against each other in an obstacle course for the chance to win a shield commemorating their valiant efforts.

    Over a one hour period, we witnessed our heroes bounce, dive and swing along, all with the hopes of bringing back first place honour.

    Alas it was not to be…

    Despite all the energy and effort, Teamy McTeam Face came in sixth. But this does not mean they are losers, to the contrary, the spirit with which they undertook this task embodies LearnPlays core values; a willingness to try, a thirst for new experiences and a passion for team work.

    From all of us here at LearnPlay Foundation we are proud of Teamy McTeam Face for showing the businesses of Wolverhampton what we are made of and what we stand for and thank you for your effort.

    And in times of crisis, when no one else can help, we shall call on Teamy McTeam Face to answer the call of duty.


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