InnoWork Project Begins

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    The European project, Innowork, is a large multinational endeavor being led by Bulgaria and being partnered by the UK (LearnPlay Foundation), Finland (Muova/Vamk), Portugal (AidLearn), Austria (Merig) and Lithuania (KTC). The purpose of Innowork is to improve the use of creativity and innovation in the workplace with it hopefully concluding in the culmination of a large online innovation platform. This prestigious project is working alongside the Bulgarian chamber of commerce and industry, Vratsa, and is expected to last years, ending in 2016.

    “I’m thrilled to be able to update you on one of our exciting European projects – Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union! For those out of the loop, LPF last year welcomed the opportunity to work on a European initiative developing tools to help improve creativity and innovation in the workplace. The project (aptly named “InnoWork”) involves a number of key European partners working closely to develop an online innovation platform which will be available for organisations all over the world next year.”


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