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    The InnoWork project Final conference took place on the 14th of October, 2016 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The project “Towards a more innovative working environment” – InnoWork, is implemented under the Erasmus+ programme, Cooperation and innovation for good practices (KA 2).

    The organizational innovations and the outcomes of the InnoWork Project were celebrated by the consortium together with more than 120 guests in Sofia Hotel Balkan, Sredets hall on 14.10.2916. The event was attended by educational institutions, recruitment agencies, career centres, company managers from various economic sectors, Human Resource and R&D managers, companies experienced in the field of EU project implementation and other stakeholders.

    After the opening of the Conference on Friday by the Managing Director of European center for Quality Ltd, Mr Luydmil Manev, the project coordinators, Ms Margarita Vasileva and Ms Denitsa Sejkova presented the main outputs of the project, training curriculum and learning materials, guidelines for VET providers, as well as the project’s website.

    The keynote speakers prof. Ileana Monteiro and prof. Fernando Sousa from Portugal shared an overview of the Innovations – past and present, case studies from Portugal and a practical workshop on Organizational Innovation Model.

    In the afternoon session Mr Justin Rutherford from Learn Play Foundation, UK in an interactive manner presented how “serious” games make learning effective and Ms Mariela Petkova from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vratsa, BG animated the participants with Pro-innovative practices from Northwest Bulgaria.

    Moreover, there was a practical workshop aimed at providing networking opportunities for the participants involving them in the selection and exchange of workplace metaphors. In addition, in groups partners and guests discussed “How can employees be motivated through non-financial stimuli” as a result each team nominated its `Best HR Manager`. The interesting surprises continued presenting the answers to the quiz and awarding of participants who have answered correctly.

    The sustainability of the InnoWork project will be ensured by the project website maintenance for the next 5 years, additions and improvements of the training content, various project promotional materials, application of the InnoWork products, popularization of the project, keeping the partnership and last but not least, supporting the created national networks.

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