LearnPlay Foundation run a number of programmes for councils, schools, youth centres and other establishments during half terms, Easter, Summer & Christmas holiday periods as well as term time programmes.

    These programmes are available to all communities and can be delivered as hourly sessions, 2 hourly, half day or full day sessions and at your preferred frequency whether that is every day, once a week, every weekend or any evening and at any school, community centre, football stadium or venue.

    The aims of our holiday sessions are to provide positive play experiences for young people using our unique games & games based technologies approach. A natural by-product of our approach & delivery structure is that young people’s soft & personal skills are developed and boosted.

    Sessions are fresh, engaging, fun and high octane. Young people can always undertake sole play or small group play but there is always a team play or tournament aspect to every session.
    During longer holiday periods, some clients like a mixture of play and project based programmes that allow young people to undertake some creative activities that they can add to their portfolios and show tangible results for extracurricular activities & learning during their free time. These programmes are also mapped into ASDAN Awards to ensure their projects/outputs hold a recognized qualification.

    We run sessions for all ages from under 5’s onwards and to all schools, community centres, youth clubs and forums.

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