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    We have been thrilled to continue our HAF activities so far this year.

    We have now delivered to over 211 children across the New Year, February half term and Easter.

    Building on the success of our previous years, we have an ongoing dialogue and consultation with both parents and attendees to ensure that we keep the sessions, compelling, high octane, and engaging.

    Young people have a say in the activities that they like, ones that they would like to see included and activities that aren’t quite hitting the mark. They also get a huge say in the food provision and a fundamental part of the programme is to provide information on healthy eating the opportunity to try fruits and vegetables that they may not ordinarily encounter.

    We are very grateful to our HAF venues for providing an accessible, safe and interesting space for us to deliver our offer and for parents and children to enjoy.

    Walsall: The Crossing at St. Pauls
    Wolverhampton: Parish Church of Saint Matthew