Girls in Tech

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    Encouraging young females into the creative and digital sector has been a key priority for us over the last decade.

    There is evidence to suggest a lack of interest from young females, and in particular, young females from black and ethnic minority communities.

    Various factors contribute to this disparity, including stereotyping, lack of role models, and biases in the education system. However, there are ongoing initiatives and programmes aimed at encouraging more young females to pursue tech careers and addressing this imbalance.

    Through a partnership with a national sport governing body, we have worked in partnership to deliver a series of tech sessions to young girls within school settings, across three counties around the West Midlands.

    The aim of the sessions are to expose girls to of technologies and give them the opportunity to engage with them and explore them, a sort of technical sandpit.

    Over the course of the sessions, we undertook some baseline consultations and further consultations towards the end of the sessions.

    To date, we have delivered to over 511 girls with unprecedented positive feedback. Parents have commented about how ‘buzzing’ their daughters were and how engaged by the technology they seem to be. Participants have said these are the best sessions they’ve ever had, and many have stated that their eyes have been opened up towards exploring tech careers.