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    Many young people may not be aware there is a General Election coming up.

    We at LearnPlay Foundation are trying to instill the facts around people’s rights to vote and how they can input shaping the country’s future.

    On June 8th 2017, all registered voters in the UK will get the chance to vote on our countries future.

    All across the United Kingdom politicians are on the campaign trail, trying to get your support, but they won’t be able to get your support if you haven’t registered to vote by May 22nd.

    By voting you get the chance to input on:

    • The NHS
    • The education system
    • The Criminal Justice System
    • Immigration
    • Foreign Policy
    • Equality & Diversity
    • Workers rights
    • And much more!

    Your vote, your voice!

    To register to vote visit:

    To find out more information on the different political parties and what they stand for see the names below.


    Liberal Democrats



    Green Party




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