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    How LearnPlay Foundation Will Help Increase Employability For The 18-24-Year-Old Demographic

    LearnPlay Foundation has over 15 years of experience in the learning sector and worked with more than 7000 individuals and companies, boasting an impressive completion rate of 93% – against the ESFA benchmark of 53%.

    With the funding from City Ideas Fund, LearnPlay Foundation will continue its historic wins! These sessions aimed at educating participants about apprenticeships and how a chosen apprenticeship equips them with skills that translate into improved employability and workplace prospects.

    The following sessions will be available:

    1. Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) on all things pertaining to an apprenticeship

    Participants will have the opportunity to find out how to find an apprenticeship, talk to past apprentices, current employees, and LearnPlay Foundation’s Learning Team Specialists.

    2. Taster Sessions With LearnPlay Foundation

    Furthermore, LearnPlay Foundation will offer taster sessions in the following:

    • VR (Virtual Reality)
    • Robotics
    • 3-D Printing
    • Video Production
    • Design
    • Games Development

    3. Employability Skills Training

    You will have the opportunity to brush up on your employability skills by learning how to prepare for an interview, CV writing, interview skills and much more!

    4. Life Skills Training

    You will learn how to raise your Life Skills levels through playing old school and current games on Wii, Xbox or Playstation. These sessions include active listening and participation, negotiation, priorities management and team-working – to name a few!

    5. Inspirational Speakers at LearnPlay Foundation

    You will have the chance to listen to, and interact with, people at the top of their game in the world of design, video production, game development and all things digital.


    Graphic Designers help to communicate ideas and concepts in a visual format for both digital and print media. Typically you will find Graphic Designers at digital agencies, publishing houses and a range of businesses that utilise graphics in their various forms of communication.

    Where Do Graphic Designers Work?

    • PR agencies
    • Publishing houses
    • Fashion brands


    Videographers capture footage on camera, which is edited into a full-length production complete with scenes and music. They work in a variety of industries and produce work for companies who need corporate videos, ad agencies and movie studios, to name a few.

    Where Do Videographers Work?

    • Film studios
    • Companies
    • Fashion brands


    Robotics Engineers design and build machines that do jobs that humans either can’t do or prefer not to do (think of the humble robot vacuum cleaner as an example).  The job of a Robotics Engineer utilises mechanics, electronics and cognitive psychology.

    Industries That Employ Robotics Engineers:

    • Medical
    • Automotive
    • Distribution


    3D Printing Technicians produce a range of amazing products. There are a number of fields a technician can work in, including the medical, fashion and motoring industries. 

    Industries That Employ 3D Printing Technicians:

    • Dentistry
    • Tool Makers
    • Aerospace


    Social Media Experts strategise and create engaging content for social media with the aim of promoting the company or client’s products and services. As the world of e-commerce grows, the need for content creators is booming!

    Industries That Employ Social Media Experts:

    • Entertainment
    • Food & Beverage
    • Automotive


    Game Developers develop new ideas for gaming companies and create games for online, PC and consoles. They translate design into functional, playable formats through creating code for various gaming platforms.

    Where Do Game Developers Work?

    • Entertainment companies
    • Education
    • Government


    Virtual Reality Developers create immersive experiences through the use of headsets. VR is used in a number of ways, including gaming, training and interior virtualisation, used by companies who wish to showcase their products for clients to interact with.

    Industries That Employ Virtual Reality Developers:

    • Occupational safety
    • Space and military
    • Architecture

    Each session will be jam-packed with the latest trends in each category, previewing the contents of each course in exciting and engaging sessions that will fuel the passion of the most ardent tech-savvy individual!

    As part of the taster sessions, participants will have the opportunity to dive into pre-employability elements such as C.V building and gain sharpened skills in communication with professional interview tips.

    Key Features Of Taster Sessions Run By LearnPlay Foundation

    What you need to know before booking LearnPlay Foundation’s free taster sessions:

    1. No matter which industry you are in (or want to be in), each session provides valuable tips, tools and information.
    2. Sessions run for 2 hours.
    3. You can attend more than one session.
    4. There is easy access to all sessions via public transport.

    These exciting sessions will expose participants to new and emerging technologies in the marketplace, teaching them the value of what an apprenticeship can offer them.

    Spaces are limited – book now to avoid missing out!

    Great bonuses when you sign up and attend your session!

    £25 voucher
    Free food
    Guaranteed interview

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