Application & Interview Tips

    Here's how to make a good impression...

    Top Tips For Applying to LearnPlay Foundation

    1. Before sending your CV & Covering Letter, make sure you check your spelling and grammar. (Make sure capital letters are used and full stops are in the right place).
    2. Ask a friend or relative to proof read your CV & Covering Letter before applying to make sure everything makes sense.
    3. Ensure you have written your CV & Covering Letter yourself – if you are invited to an interview you will be asked to provide examples of when you have used your attributes in different scenarios – if you don’t understand what the words mean – don’t include them!
    4. Think about the language you use when writing your CV & Covering Letter, avoid using slang and text talk.
    5. Use an appropriate & professional looking email address. Email addresses like do not look good to employers, email addresses like that are not acceptable for job applications. Our spam filter may disregard such email addresses.
    6. Make sure your Covering Letter is attached when sending your CV. Applications without a Covering Letter will not be considered.
    7. State which vacancy you are applying for in the subject bar of your email & with your Covering Letter.
    8. Double check to make sure your application is being sent to the right email address.
    9. Make sure everything is attached when sending your application to avoid having to send multiple emails with different attachments.
    10. Stay on topic. We don’t need to know how many dogs you have or what your favourite obscure 90’s song is. Tell us what your skills are and how they can benefit our organisation.
    11. Don’t undersell yourself, we may not be interested in how often you like to go shopping or what your favourite food is, but if you have a hobby that ties in with creative media, tell us about it! If you’re a YouTuber, run an online stream, do graphic design in your spare time or have your own website, let us know…just be ready to back it up with some evidence or a portfolio on the day.
    12. Be patient, once you have submitted your application we will get back to you in writing within 14 days if we are interested. If you do not hear back from us after 14 days, then be advised we are not proceeding with your application and wish you all the best for the future.
    13. Work experience can go a long way; if you have it, use it. Even working as a volunteer or in a part time role can show that you’re ready for the work environment.
    14. Avoid having ‘references available on request’. If you have some great references available, provide them; they will only strengthen your application. References must be included in your application otherwise, we may not proceed.
    15. Be honest – don’t pretend you have higher grades than you actually do as you will be asked to provide your certificates if you are invited to an interview.

    Turn up on time or even a little bit early

    Do shake your interviewers hand and speak up at all times.

    Maintain eye contact at all times and be positive.

    Do your research as we will ask questions relating to the position.