Activities & Food (HAF) programme

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    We are delighted to have had another incredibly successful year delivering HAF activities across Wolverhampton & Walsall.

    HAF is a programme funded by central government aimed at providing school holiday provision to young people on free school meals (FSM) up to the age of 16 years old. As part of this programme, children receive a healthy lunch option.

    There are a range of provisions and providers involved with HAF. LearnPlay Foundation have been providing technology and cutting edge tech options for young people to get involved with.

    We offer VR, AR, 3-D printing, alongside dry clay and a range of interactive team based games. There is a focus on movement and we incorporate elements of vigourous physical exercise as part of our offer.

    Now approaching our fourth year of delivery, we have been very active over the course of 2023.

    From February half term onwards, we have delivered six big programmes over the year. We have had over 350 young people in attendance.

    We have also been very keen to address the cost of living in crisis, and as part of our offer, we have been providing an in-depth booklet available to all parents, which includes 10 easy, cost-effective and incredibly healthy recipes access to a range of support organisations across Walsall and Wolverhampton, ideas for free, low cost entertainment and days out for children as well as a directory of important and useful telephone numbers and apps which help locate cost-effective, vendors and shopping solutions.

    We have always been overwhelmed by the positive response from both parents and children alike.

    He was so excited to come again tomorrow that he went to bed early!
    – Mum, Wolverhampton

    Both my sons love coming here. We can’t normally get them out of the house but they won’t go anywhere else!
    – Mum, Walsall

    It’s way better playing here because I can make new friends
    – Child, Omar, Wolverhampton

    I love it here, it’s fun and I make new friends
    – Child, Eva, Walsall

    my girls are your three BIGGEST fans and cannot wait to come again in the New Year. They are not interested in anything else as the happiness and enjoyment they get here with LearnPlay Foundation cannot match with anything else. The staff are very supportive and helpful, but Justin comes out tops!
    – Mum, Wolverhampton