LearnPlay Foundation was established in 2007. Initially, our brief was focused on social objectives – ‘to engage the hard to reach into education, community and personal development’. But now, with successful media, programming and promotional task forces, LearnPlay Foundation has grown into so much more. Film production, editing, computer game programming, design, distribution, direct marketing, promotional activities and implementation; from an army on the street to strategies in the boardroom, LearnPlay holds a strong commercial and civic portfolio.

    LearnPlay Foundation still passionately supports schools, communities and alternative education establishments – factoring CSR into every project or brief, whilst also servicing clients from Tesco, The Highways Agency to the shop around the corner. Today LearnPlay has over 40 dedicated staff, working on a variety of projects and programmes with highly experienced managers – following in the successful footsteps of hundreds before them.

    From flash mobs to films, LearnPlay Foundation has the manpower and skill sets to really make an impact. Contact us now!

    N.B. All LearnPlay Foundation team members hold valid Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) Checks, and are cleared to work with children and vulnerable young people and adults.