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    We’ve all heard the horror stories about Apprenticeships…

    …that you’re bored all the time, you’re not treated as an equal, that all you do is make tea. That may be true for other apprenticeships but this isn’t true at LearnPlay Foundation!

    An Apprenticeship is a real job for real people.

    When leaving school, most leavers are faced with a crossroads; do you go to college or university, get a full time job or enter a traineeship? Whilst these are viable options apprenticeships are on the rise.

    Apprenticeships give you the chance to earn whilst you learn. At LearnPlay Foundation we take pride in our Apprenticeships as we get to see fresh young faces discover something they are passionate about and pursue it.

    LearnPlay Foundation has had the privilege of seeing talented young artists become department heads; we have seen guerrilla film makers create hard hitting documentaries and we have witnessed games enthusiasts create interactive worlds for our clients.

    These are just a few parts of LearnPlays outstanding legacy.

    But don’t just take our word for it, hear what some of our apprentices have to say.

    “Working at LearnPlay has been great! I have met new people and learnt many new skills that will help me with my future progression at the company” – Elliot Weston – Film Apprentice

    “Working at LearnPlay has been fantastic, with so many great opportunities given to me and a greater outlook on Admin that I can take with me as I continue my journey at LearnPlay” – Emma Lissemore – Admin Apprentice

    Apply today through our website today and become part of the family!


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